Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Inspiration: Gorgeous Gallery Walls

By Jane Blanchard

It's time to dust off the framed art and old photographs that have been stored away and finally put them up. There's nothing more sentimental, personal, and expressive than creating an amazing gallery wall in your very own home. But if you're at a standstill as to where to begin, allow us to inspire you with these fantastic examples of gallery walls done right. 

Include some matching decor pieces to add depth, texture, and visual stimulation like these well-placed candles, metal wall-hangings, dried flowers, wooden decor signs, and the gorgeous, slim, black console table. You might end up having others commission you to design their gallery walls. 

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Embrace Color

The gallery wall can be so much more than just a space for hanging things. We love the use of a dark palette gallery wall that really makes the accent furniture pop. Use this as an excuse to really bring some vitality and life to area. 

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Don't Limit Yourself

Now this is a way to think outside the box. Not only is this wooden ceiling unique in the way it's been designed to hang from steel ropes, it also serves dual purpose as a gallery wall right where it can matter the most as the first and last thing you see. Get creative. 

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Utilize Space

There's something dramatic about filling every inch of a wall. Mixing it up with different art and decor pieces gives the eyes something to investigate, and that's exactly what this gorgeous gallery wall craves - attention. So pack 'em in and stack 'em up. The more the merrier!

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Shelve It

Worried about nail holes? Don't fret, shelving provides the perfect solution. This neatly done gallery wall provides clean lines and easy-to-flow movement for the eyes. 

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If eclectic and match-mixing tends to give you an eye twitch, then stick to a uniform look with straight lines and matching frames. This room still pulls off a gorgeous and classic feel with meaningfully-placed photographs. Even the color palettes tends to lend towards a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

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Put it on Display

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If you're going to really showcase your art, then go all out and invest in lighting that really highlights what you've got on display. Track lights are popular for this very purpose, and it provides a bit of a spotlight for this contemporary art that really gives this hallway some expression and life. 

Perfect Locations: High-Traffic Rooms

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What can we say? Art isn't a discriminator of space. Although unconventional, we're sure it serves its purpose here.

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Designing a gorgeous gallery wall takes some skill to ensure that it's not going to turn out a mess. But with some good lighting, some well-placed items, and a nice blank wall for a canvas, we say go for it.

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