Monday, August 22, 2016

The Value of Investing in Luxury Bedding

A bedroom is place of rest. It’s an escape from the day’s stress, a personal haven. Because the bedroom is intended for relaxation, it’s important to create an atmosphere that encourages calm, and allows you to unwind. It begins with the very place sleep finds us: the bed.

Shown: Bella Notte Linens: Isabella Euro Shams in Champagne, Isabella Pillowcases in Winter White, Lillian Pillowcases in Champagne, Helane Kidney Pillow in Champagne, Capri Accent Pillow in Champagne, Olivia Bolster in Sand over Linen Bolster in Champagne, Isabella Flat Sheet in Winter White, Emerson Personal Comforter in Champagne, Isabella Duvet Cover in Champagne, Linen Bed Skirt in Winter White

Considering we spend a third of our lives between the sheets, an investment in luxury bedding should be top priority. However, in the home design industry, we see it all the time: people pay top dollar for bedroom furnishings, yet allow their bedding to be second rate. The irony is this: cheap sheets don’t last, and paying for replacements adds up. When you choose a premium bedding set from the beginning, you invest in more than lasting luxury–you invest in restful, comfortable sleep for years to come.

As Shown: Bella Notte Linens Marseille Coverlet in Fog, Josephine Accent Pillows in Cloud, Josephine Pillowcase in French Grey, Arielle Accent in Cloud, Madera Pillowcases in Pebble, Arielle Euro Shams in Powder, Marseille Deluxe Sham in Pebble
At Lavender Fields, we’re consistently impressed by the incomparable quality of Bella Notte Linens (shop the entire collection here). Their luxe line of heirloom quality sheets and pillowcases, shams, coverlets, and duvet covers are among the softest, most decadent we’ve experienced. Made in the USA with expert attention to detail and craftsmanship, their premium textiles are available in a rainbow of luscious colors, and can be custom dyed to your preference. Beyond their beauty, all eco-friendly bed sets from Bella Notte Linens are machine washable. They understand easy-to-care-for bedding is as valuable as luxury, and the textile company’s commitment to both is a standard that sets them apart.

What else do we love about Bella Notte Linens?
  • All custom-ordered bedding is garment-dyed, meaning your entire bedding set is dyed together to ensure every piece reflects the beautiful color of your choice
  • Bella Notte Linens allows you to mix and match textiles so you can create the decadent, one-of-a-kind bed of your dreams
  • Textiles from Bella Notte Linens features non-toxic dye and low-impact fabrics, so you truly rest easy
  • Because of their commitment to quality, Bella Notte Linens creates bedding that lasts–and gets softer every year

As Shown: Helane Kidney Pillow in French Grey, Sloan Accent Pillow in French Grey, Sloan Accent Pillow in Heirloom Rose, Olivia Boudoir in Pebble over Linen Boudoir Liner in Heirloom Rose, Isabella Flat Sheet in Pebble, Isabella Duvet Cover in Fog

If you’re looking to turn your bedroom into a true sanctuary, start with luxury bedding. Offering free, worldwide shipping and one-on-one design consultations, Lavender Fields is here to help you discover exactly what’s right for your bed, from sheets and blankets to throws and dust ruffles. Beauty sleep is important, and we can’t wait to make your bedding dreams a reality.

Shop Bella Notte Linens here, or contact us today if you’d like to schedule a complimentary one-on-one consult!