Sunday, March 28, 2021

Create Your Perfect Gallery Wall

 These easy tips will help you create that gallery wall you have been meaning to work on but have no idea how and where to start.

1. Start with your favorite piece. It could be art, an architectural piece or a tapestry. Once you have your focal point and favorite piece you can work around it. If you do not have a favorite piece look around to see what inspires you. 

2. Gather your other pieces. Are you going for a coastal theme, eclectic, romantic or country look? Search online, local shops, flea markets or from your already growing collection. View our art collection

3. Clear some floor space and tape off the amount of space that are working with for your gallery wall. Then play around with the arrangement of your pieces to decide on a layout. When you are ready cut out some kraft paper and painters tape it to the wall so you have your gallery wall all planned out before you start nailing into the wall.

4 .Now take a step back, look at your wall and make adjustments if needed.

5. If you need help with your gallery wall we offer free design assistance as well as full design services. Find out more about our services.


Brand Spotlight - Sweet Gumball

Karen Olney is an entrepreneur, product designer and artist based in Alpharetta, Georgia. Her company, Sweet Gumball, is known for being passionate about creating all things simple... and of course, sweet. While some like to describe Sweet Gumball's craftsmanship as "understated elegance" she likes to describe it as designs "from the heart". The color palette is consistent in soft linen tones combined with mineral tones found in nature. The materials used to create the look are described as a blend of cozy meets rustic, a look that can be easily added to a beach home, a farmhouse or any urban setting. Sweet Gumball crafts their products by hand and are happy to add that the art, candles and metal work is all crafted in the USA. The linen collection is designed in the USA, imported from India, and finished in the USA, with love.

We have been proud to offer Sweet Gumball Designs in our shop now for many years. We love supporting arts such as Karen. When customers see Sweet Gumball in person they truly fall in love. Shop our collection of Sweet Gumball farmhouse style artcoastal style art and children's art.


Visit our retail shop at 318 Wynn Lane in Port Jefferson, New York or shop the Sweet Gumball Collection online.