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Our Holiday Gift Guide | For the Person Who Loves to Cook

The holidays are coming soon, and we’ve created a wide range of curated gift guides on our site. We love giving gifts, and also love helping our customers find the perfect gifts for their loved ones.

Up first is our gift guide for the cook. (Did you know we offer free gift wrap and free shipping over $75, too?)

Unique Gifts for the Hostess

For the friend who loves to entertain, we like to give pretty serving dishes and trays that double as decor.

Our Etu Home Collection has many charcuterie boards and servers - here are some of our favorites.

The green tartan charcuterie board works well for the holidays, but is also an attractive kitchen addition year round.

The Etu Home Classic Trivet Top Lazy Susan is the ultimate server - it's large and spins around so guests can sample every delicious morsel. 

And for fall gatherings, one of our Etu Home Mod Pumpkin Servers are the ideal gift. 

Unique Gifts for the Baker

We like to give bakers something that makes their job a little prettier when they're elbow-deep in flour and powdered sugar. From hand-thrown pots to brightly colored potholders, these suggestions do the trick.

We'd start with one of our Etu Home handthrown mixing bowls - they come in three sizes. They're created one-by-one on the potter’s wheel from white European Clay. From beginning to end, each piece requires approximately 35 hours of labor.

We like to turn these bowls into their own little kitchen gift basket, so we find fun things to add inside. We usually start with a pretty potholder or two, like the Pine Cone Hill Bright Stripe potholder. 

We then like to add something to use their new goodies with - our Finding Home Farms pumpkin spice pancake and waffle mix is a perfect addition. 

Gift Ideas for the Decorator

For the friend who likes her kitchen to look as good as her food tastes, we have plenty of kitchen decor items in stock. 

A pretty candle with a tasty scent is the perfect addition to the countertop. 

We're big fans of decorative towels - hang them on your oven, or use them to keep bread and rolls warm until dinner is served. Our June and December ones are perfect for the kitchen decorator. 

Help her prop her cookbooks (or ipad with recipes) up in a fashionable way with our Etu Home Cookbook stand. It comes in a range of colors. 

Our Etu Home Colorblock Flower Vase is perfect for a kitchen island.  Fill it up with her favorite flowers and bring it to her door!

More Unique Gifts for Someone Who Loves to Cook

Check out our full gift guide for the cook online at Lavender Fields here.  Don't forget, we offer free gift wrap, free shipping over $75, and can even make you your own custom gift basket! 

How to Decorate a Guest Bedroom: An Interior Designer’s Guide

With the holiday season approaching, guest bedrooms are on many of our clients’ minds. When friends and family come to stay, it’s important to give them a warm, welcoming space to enjoy. We just set up our guest bedroom look book with our favorite guest bedroom and hostessing finds.

Here’s our guide to decorating a guest bedroom in your home:

What size bed for a guest bedroom?

This is one of the most-asked questions when it comes to guest bedroom decorating. We like to start with, “Who’s staying with you?” and “How big is the room?”

If you’re using a larger space like an attic or lower level and you anticipate having kids come to stay, a bunk room is always a beloved choice. Building a built-in bunk room can get pricey, so if you’re on a smaller budget, coordinating bunk beds that aren’t built in work just as well. 

guest bedroom bunk room
image via Style Me Pretty

If you have a smaller room but still anticipate grandchildren or other youngsters visiting, we love the double twin bed look. An easy way to save space in tight quarters is to just put one large nightstand in the middle. Another idea for a smaller grandkid or nieces/nephews guest room is a trundle bed, where an extra twin mattress rolls out on the bottom. It’s great for sleepovers!

pic via ThousWell

If you’re doing multiple beds in one room, we recommend keeping the bedding the same on all of them. Our Pine Cone Hill collection is a great place to start. 

If you’ll mostly be hosting adults and/or couples, you’ll want to choose a larger bed. If you know that two people will be sharing the space, we recommend going with nothing smaller than a queen size bed if the room will fit it  - it’s a nicer, more luxurious size for your guests than a full. 

We like our Corsican line of iron-wrought beds. They come in a range of styles and the colors can be customized, too. The iron design gives an airy feel and makes the space appear bigger. 

Corsican Day Bed

What furniture goes in a guest bedroom? 

Again, this depends on the size of your room. We like to include nightstands, a dresser, and if the space fits, a comfy reading chair. 

Here are some more of our favorite guest bedroom decorating ideas: 

  • Always include a mirror - full size, if possible. Here are some of our favorite mirrors. 

  • A TV is a nice touch - hang it over the dresser and make sure to leave the remote on the nightstand. 

  • We like to layer lighting: the ideal is a few regular overhead lights, a pretty chandelier, and sconces above the bed OR lamps on the nightstand. 

Photo via Jan Woodhouse

  • One of those suitcase stands you find in a hotel is a nice touch, so your guests don’t have to put the suitcase on the bed or the floor to unpack. 

  • Since a guest bedroom isn’t used every day, it’s a great place to add a fun element like wallpaper too. Wallpaper the whole room, or stick with an accent wall. 

  • Everyone’s preference is different, so we like to layer the window treatments, too. The ideal is shades, pretty sheers, and curtains to finish the look. Those who enjoy the morning sunlight can sleep with just the sheers closed, while those who need total darkness can adjust to their liking. 

  • Don’t forget to warm the space up with a rug. Shop our Dash and Albert rug collection here.

Dash and Albert Kota Indigo Wool rug

Small Guest Bedroom Ideas

If your space is teeny tiny, you can still make it cozy. Our small bedroom guest decorating ideas:

  • You can skip larger nightstands and just go with pedestal tables instead - guests likely won’t need to store things in their nightstand like they would in their usual bedroom. 

  • If the room is too tight, skip a dresser and get a platform bed with drawers underneath. 

  • Try adding floating shelves to the wall for things like toiletries and candles. 

  • Don’t skip the mirror - it’ll make the room appear larger. 

Office/Guest Bedroom Ideas

Sometimes, a guest bedroom has to be used as a dual space. In these situations, we recommend furniture that does double duty. 

Stick with a daybed - it looks more like a sofa than a bed, and you can add pretty throw pillows to pretty up the space. 

via Apartment Therapy

Replace the nightstand with a desk - when guests come to stay, you can clean your paperwork and office supplies off and replace them with framed photos and candles. 

Get an enclosed bookcase that can contain clutter (and hide it away) when your guests arrive.

How to Prepare a Guest Bedroom

When your guests are arriving, we like to set up a guest bedroom like you’d set up a fancy hotel. Here are our ideas for special little touches that help make it feel like home:

  • Leave freshly laundered and folded towels somewhere in the room. If there’s an ensuite bath, add a new bar of soap [link] and make sure the shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles are full. If they’ll be sharing a bathroom with other family members, think about getting robes and adding them in the closet. Don’t forget hangers for the closet, too!

via Sunny Circle

  • Add a fresh candle - don’t forget the lighter or matches. Here are some of our favorite candles.

  • Add a small basket and include mini water bottles, small snacks, and travel-sized essentials like toothpaste in case they get thirsty in the middle of the night or forgot something at home. 

  • Put some interesting books or new magazines on the nightstand for your guests to enjoy. 

Free Design Assistance at Lavender Fields

Looking for help on setting up your guest bedroom? Get in touch with us for free design assistance, or interior design services to decorate your entire space.