Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Arrival....Children's Rugs

We're thrilled to share some very fun and festive children's rugs with you. We have a wonderful collection and you can view them all by clicking here. I've included a few of my favorites for both the little boy or girl in your life!

Lovely Horizontal Rugs:

Beautiful Vertical Rugs:

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Rescued Pet Contest - Winner!

I'm thrilled to bring you this heartwarming story of a rescued cat named Bo. Bo and his mom Brandi are our fantastic winners of the Rescued Pet Contest that we held during January. 

We were deeply touched by ALL of the entires and truly loved reading your stories.
Without further ado, here is Bo's story:

"Bo, who is now 10 years old, came to live with use after having major femur surgery 10 years ago. We had been going to the shelters for about a year after loosing our dearest cat, who had been killed by dogs. We still tear up to this day at the loss of Niko. But when one door closes another opens and our house has always been open to furry friends. So on one of our returning trips to our local shelter, “Pounce”, we met Bo.  Or should I say he meowed at us really loudly from his cage! 
Since know that most friendly cats would get to wander around the shelter, I questioned why this little guy was in a cage. They said I could take him out, but that they suspected a pelvic injury and wanted to keep him confined to heal. And besides that, all of the new kittens got put with him because he loved to cuddle and would give comfort to the youngest of the new arrivals.

Meet Bo, our Rescued Pet Contest Winner!

Bo had been found by road workers on the freeway. He was stuck in a 6 foot deep hole that after days of trying to get him out with food and treats, they had to go in sideways and dig him out.
We took him out to play with him and the first thing my husband did was turn him on his back. 
Bo (Hoppy was his name at the time) relaxed completely in my husband’s arms. It was love at first
pet between them. He asked me what was wrong with him, why was he kept in a cage. I told him about the suspected injury. We put Bo on the ground and tried to play with him with a feather toy. He could not walk or chase in a straight line and would fall over. It broke our hearts. Could we handle and injured cat after what we went through with Niko? 

We asked if we could take him to our vets for an exam and find out exactly what was wrong with him. We made an appointment the very next day and took him in. He was so good and so happy to be held and given so much attention even if it was from the vet. They x rayed his pelvis, his legs and his tail. His tail is only the size of my pinky finger and at the end of it is kind of a stair case kink. My vet came in and said that Bo's leg had a old injury, maybe about 6 weeks old (he was 4 months at the time) his femur had been broken then re healed and had caused a false ball joint right in the middle. He also said he had a hairline fracture in his pelvis and that his tail he suspected was because Bo was a Japanese bob tail. Its possible he was thrown away by the breeder because of the injury to the leg. (He also suspected it was from being kicked.)
Bo (middle) and his unique tail.
When we told the shelter what was up they said they would take care of him and get his leg fixed. We were shocked they would do this. We figured the money would be too much, but in the end the vet gave them a good deal and we ended up paying the shelter what they paid to have his leg fixed.  Normally they don't let their animals get adopted after such a major surgery but in my case they made an exception!
We went through 6 weeks of therapy after his operation and had to keep him from jumping up and down on stuff.
Rehab was terrible. He would cry in pain when I would have to move his leg. But in order to keep scar tissue from building we had to do it. It is funny I think because we went through that with him, he is even more attached to us. He sleeps between our heads every night… that is until his sister comes and sits on him because she wants to be there. (Little bugger that one!)

Bo's quite happy in his new home!
He has issues now. He doesn't always make his jumps but has the cutest swagger to his run. One thing about him is he is the most grateful kitty I have ever met. He is kind to all animals, including the occasional stray that shows up for a meal. He loves his sister's (Aki and Willow both rescue cats as well) and he gives endlessly to us. He is laying next to me right now on his back! He is a constant joy and to think we almost didn't take him because we thought we couldn't handle an injured kitten. Now I know it has an endless reward.
- Brandi Glenn :)"

Done by Artist Georg Williams, from New Orleans. 

What a lovely story! Brandi and Bo will be receiving a cat bed of their choice from Lavender Fields, in addition to $50 being donated to Pounce, the shelter in which Bo was adopted from.
If you'd like to follow along Bo's journey and the journey of his fellow adopted siblings, head on over to their Facebook page, by clicking here. Brandi strives to raise awareness to adoption and the wonderful benefits of adopting by sharing their touching story.

Thank you again, to all of our pet-loving fans who submitted their stories! This was by far my favorite contest to help with, to date. Everyone at Lavender Fields LOVES their furry friends and are big supporters of adoption. Our contest was a great little way to show our support and give back to other like-minded animal lovers. At the end of the day, no matter how beautiful we decorate our homes, a home is never complete without family!

Have a great weekend,

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Vendor Spotlight: Pom Pom at Home

Hello, hello fabulous fans. 

I'm here to share another fabulous Vendor Spotlight with you today. Pom Pom at Home is a favorite of mine, so I'm thrilled to shed some more light onto such a wonderful company!

One word:Linen. Pom Pom at Home is known for their 100% certified organic linens, which are made from the purest of flax fibers. This company combines envrionmentally sustainable products with luxury, and boy - do they do it so effortlessly!

These Belgian natives have very versatile collections, that embody a "lived in" elegant essence that truly appears comfy and relaxed. In addition to being globally conscious, they strive to provide a little bit of luxury to make life that much more pleasurable. With Pom Pom at Home, everyday experiences become enchanting! These products are truly lovely and photos don't even do them justice. The extremely soft linen to their hand-crocheted lace, and let's not forget the crushed velvet! No matter what it is, their items really work to make your life more enjoyable.
Where could you see yourself placing their luxury linen in your home? (I'd start with the bedrooms!)

We love to bring our attention to our fantastic vendors and truly hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Pom Pom at Home is one of our many environmentally friendly companies and we're proud to provide such gorgeous and green products. Be sure to check out their entire collection of products here.

Thanks for reading along, everyone. Until next time, take care!