Thursday, January 20, 2022

Arte Italica - The Art of Setting a Table

Arte Italica honors the vision of its founder, Ann Skidmore, by offering the very best in quality and creative home decor design. Ann formed Arte Italica in 1997, as a response to her love of Italian history, culture, art and especially vintage pewter. Finding it difficult to acquire in the United States, she began importing this fine Italian pewter. Soon, she was designing and importing handcrafted ceramics, glass and bronze.

It's no secret that we love creating beautiful table settings. Give us any excuse to take out the fancy dishes and glassware and we are all for it. And pitchers! We love pitchers! They make such a great focal point on any table. One of our new favorites is the Tuscan Pitcher. This classic pitcher can be used for any holiday or special occasion. 

Cocktail anyone? Imagine serving your favorite cocktail in the Sofia Cocktail Glass? We can! 

Grandmillennial Style

Grandmillennial Style is old school design, traditional and classic in style, but with a fresh twist of youth. Instead of it looking like your grandmother would live there, it’s a youthful refresh on an old style that’s been around for centuries. It’s a look back at the best of Traditional design and giving it a fresh new twist and we love it! Shop our collection of Grandmillenial fabrics, wallpaper, bedding, lighting and decor. 

Grandmillenial Lighting at its best with the new Madcap Cottage Collection

We love bar carts and trays. So versatile and so much fun! Shop the collection

Sunday, January 02, 2022

Best Galentine's Day and Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for 2022 (Plus, Our Favorite Galentine's Day Party Ideas)

 Valentine's Day is upon us! The bridge holiday that breaks up the winter doldrums, when it's too late for Christmas decor but too early to pull out our springtime decorations - thank goodness for Valentine's Day! In the past few years, Galentine's Day has become a new trend - it's a fun, informal way to celebrate your besties this time of year. 

Best Galentine's Day Party Ideas:

If you're getting together with your friends this year around Valentine's Day, here are some of our favorite party ideas. 

Make it a pajama party - everyone can wear their prettiest pjs! There's nothing like a fun pajama party, and this is a great way to recapture the feeling of slumber parties of years past. Shop pretty pajamas here. 

Give thoughtful favors. Everyone loves a party favor - our Seda France mini pagoda candles or Pre de Provence mini heart soaps are the perfect favors for a Galentine's Day party. 

Serve tasty snacks. Charcuterie spreads and finger foods are an easy way to feed your guests. Try our Country Home Slate Cheese Board for a rustic look. 

Serve a signature cocktail or mocktail. Our Pomegranate Cosmo mixer makes it easy - just add vodka and lime to garnish (or cherries if you're feeling extra fancy). Even better? You can have club soda on the side for guests to make a mocktail, too. 

Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her

We've compiled a curated Valentine's Day gift section with something for every lady on your list. 

Need inspiration?

For the decor lover: Get her a beautiful art piece or throw pillow from our Sugarboo collection

For the fashion lover: You can't go wrong with jewelry - we have plenty of affordable options. 

For your significant other: Our pajama section is a Valentine's Day best seller every year. 

What Rug Is Right for You? How to Choose a Rug? | Our Ultimate Guide to Rug Types and Materials

 At Lavender Fields, we offer so many different types of rugs in a range of materials and styles: wool, cotton, indoor/outdoor, sisal/jute, and more. The biggest question we get from our customers is what type of rug is right for their unique space - what's cleanable, comfy, durable, and attractive for their home? 

We've put together this ultimate rug guide to answer all your questions. You can shop our rug collection online here, and if you'd like our help with interior design services, you can get in touch with us here

Wool Rugs - Durability, Comfort, and Beauty

Wool rugs are the ne plus ultra when it comes to quality, durability, and luxury in your home. They're made of natural materials, highly durable, have superior insulating properties and will last you for years and years. Their softness and beauty add that luxurious, high-end touch to your home. Wool rugs also hold dye well, allowing for rich colors. 

  • If you have kids and pets and are concerned about keeping your rug clean, go with a lower-pile wool rug. 
  • Wool rugs have good stain and water repellency. 
  • Wool rugs may shed when they first arrive - you will need to vacuum them when they're first installed.

Where to use wool rugs: 

Wool rugs are a good option for anywhere you want a luxurious, cozy, and warm look. We like to use them in dining rooms, living rooms, and master bedrooms.

Dash and Albert Kota Indigo Rug
Shop the Dash and Albert Kota Indigo Rug online here

Dash and Albert Odyssey Blue Rug
Shop the Dash and Albert Odyssey Blue Rug online here

Cotton Rugs: Casual, Lightweight, and Colorful

Cotton rugs are lightweight, easy to clean, and come in a range of fun colors and weaves. There's something for every style, from modern farmhouse stripes to bright and beachy colors to eclectic hooked styles. 

  • Cotton rugs offer a lot of look at a reasonable price
  • They're lightweight and casual, giving the warmth of a rug with a more lived-in feel

Where to use cotton rugs:

We love using cotton rugs in kitchens, whether under your kitchen table or a 2x3' in front of your sink. Many of our customers buy inexpensive 2x3' rugs to switch out in front of their sinks, laundry rooms, and bathrooms throughout the year! 

Cotton rugs are also a great look in a more casual beachy or farmhouse living room or bedroom, and make a fantastic runner up the stairs or down the hallway. 

Dash and Albert Herringbone Dove Grey Woven Cotton Rug
Shop Dash and Albert Herringbone Dove Gray Woven Cotton Rug online

Dash and Albert Olive Branch Cotton Rug
Shop Dash and Albert Olive Branch Cotton Rug online

Jute and Sisal Rugs: Natural, Durable, and Stylish

Jute and sisal rugs are wildly popular: they're stylish, durable, and work well across a range of styles. You can use them in a more traditional home to add a touch of modernity, place them in a farmhouse living room to add warmth without adding too much color, or choose a cool patterned one for an interesting statement piece. 

Jute and sisal rugs are also made of natural materials, making them an eco-friendly option. Sisal rugs are made from the agave plant, and jute rugs are made from the leaves of the Corchorus plant. Sisal rugs generally tend to be a bit coarser, whereas jute rugs are a bit softer. 

  • Jute and sisal rugs are highly durable and are great in high-traffic areas
  • They work well in every style of home.

Where to use jute and sisal rugs:

These rugs can be used anywhere: the answer really depends on your own personal style. Some people prefer an elegant wool rug in their formal dining room, but others might like a cool jute rug in an interesting color or pattern instead. Jute and sisal rugs tend to be a little more informal than a wool rug, but also come in many weaves, patterns, and colors - so have fun with it! 

Dash and Albert Hexile Hand Knotted Jute Rug
 Buy Dash and Albert Hexile Hand Knotted Jute Rug online

Dash and Albert Jute Woven Seaglass Rug
Buy the Dash and Albert Jute Woven Seaglass Rug online

Indoor/Outdoor Rugs: Washable, Lightfast, and Pet-Friendly

Indoor/outdoor rugs have come a long way in the past few years. They used to be stiff and unattractive - something you'd be okay with having on the patio but never bring into your home. Today's indoor/outdoor rugs come in endless colors, textures, and styles, and you'd never know that many of them are even bleach-cleanable and virtually indestructible!

Many of our indoor/outdoor rugs are made of a material called polypropelene, which is bleach-cleanable. Indoor/outdoor rugs are also lightfast, which means you can place them in a sunny spot and the bright colors won't fade. 

P.E.T. indoor/outdoor rugs are similar to wool - they're very soft and durable underfoot. 

Where to use indoor/outdoor rugs:

These rugs can be used in many spaces besides your outdoor living areas. They're great for homes with kids or pets, where you want high style and high durability/cleanability. 

We love them in kids rooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens. 

Dash and Albert Bowline Fuchsia Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Buy Dash and Albert Bowline Fuchsia Indoor/Outdoor Rug Online

Dash and Albert Zhara Stripe Ivory Indoor/Outdoor
Buy Dash and Albert Zhara Stripe Ivory Indoor/Outdoor online

Dash and Albert Herringbone Linen/White Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Buy Dash and Albert Herringbone Linen/White Indoor/Outdoor Rug online

Do You Need a Rug Pad?

Yes, you really should get a rug pad (especially if you're investing in a more expensive rug). 

  • Rug pads help with slippage - this is especially essential for cotton and jute rugs
  • Rug pads can help prevent the underside of the rug from scratching your floor - this is especially essential for scratchier sisal rugs
  • Rug pads help your rug feel cozier underfoot
  • Rug pads also protect your floor from dirt and moisture, especially in high-traffic areas. If your kiddos or pets are running through the house a lot, they'll be pounding the carpet pretty hard - and that dirt (and sometimes moisture, in the case of wet shoes or paws) can pass through the rug to the floor. The rug pad helps absorb this dirt and moisture. 

Get in touch for interior design help and rug questions