Thursday, April 30, 2015

We got your Walls covered! The Wonders of Wallpaper!

Wallpaper has Made its Comeback! 
There is nothing like a beautifully papered wall of a rich luxurious print...or an adorable kids room, filled with color and cuteness. The beauty of wallpaper is you can cover as much or as little wall space as you want. You can change it up as often as you want, with very little effort or cost. 

Wallpaper isn't just for Walls!
What we love the most about wallpaper is the discovery of covering other things with the beautiful printed paper. After hearing awesome ideas from our customers, what they've used our wallpaper on, looking through blogs and researching...we've come up with an amazing list of ideas of other uses of wallpaper in your home!

Wallpaper your Ceilings!
Tired of plain white ceilings? Wallpaper them! This beautiful Hygge and West wallpaper is a nice choice as a ceiling cover. Light and airy, super relaxing...clouds and birds glide above you 24/7.  This "Daydream" Wallpaper is available in a few different color options.

Wallpaper your Stairs!
Spruce up your plain old stairs! This is one of our favorite alternative wallpaper ideas so far! 
A thicker paper is usually ideal for high traffic areas. Our Hygge and West wallpaper is extra durable, so any of these prints will work well. If you are in love with a certain print and you feel that the paper is not thick enough, you can always add a protective coating.

Wallpaper your Furniture!
Sometimes you love a piece of furniture and just need a change. Maybe you found an amazing piece from an estate sale, and want to give it a fresh updated look. Whatever the reason is, wallpapering furniture is a great way to get the style you are searching for.
Add a back splash to your Hutch or Bookcase.
Add a sweet surprise to dresser drawers - on the sides or line the insides.
Give your chest or dresser a completely new look!
Kids rooms? 
Our new collection of Majvillan wallpaper is just want you are looking for. 
Boys and Girls prints they will adore!

Frame your wallpaper!
Using a smaller section of your favorite wallpaper is another option, if you don't want to completely cover. Framing out large or small pieces of wallpaper is a new to the interior decor community. The beautiful freedom you get with this option is that you can use the same wallpaper print in smaller areas, which will then bring it all together. 
We love the look of a furniture piece and framed section with the same print. 
We offer beautiful prints from Hygge and West, Designer's Guild and Majvillan.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Want it, need it, got to have it gifts

At Lavender Fields we offer a range of Gifts for everyone. This year we've selected great gifts for Mom on Mother's Day. From Pajamas to Jewelry, you will find something beautiful to give the most important and special woman in your life. 

Mother's Day is only a few weeks away! 
Mom will Love amazing cosmetic cases and other gorgeous gift items for her.
Stuff these with pretty things Mom loves. These floral printed cosmetic cases are waterproof inside and out. Beautiful digitally printed large oil-cloth toiletry bag carrying the elegant hand-painted floral design. View our collection of pretty cases in multiple sizes.

Moon and Lola items are a favorite gift for Mom this season!
At Lavender Fields, we offer a wide range of items from Moon and Lola.
The selection of personalized gifts is simply amazing! 
Monogrammed jewelry and mugs to simple earring studs. 
We are loving the beautiful designs and styles selected for our online shop!

Think outside the box with Moon and Lola's 
bezel-set Round Monogram Post Earrings. 

Darling Moon and Lola Providence script monogram 
post earrings are available in a variety of acrylic colors

Give Mom something she can wear everyday!
A touch of glam with a simplicity of a stud.
Gorgeous colors in a rounded vertical rectangle shape.
Pick your color! For pierced ears!

Strands of Pearls with a Personalized Touch!
Southern Living Magazine and Moon and Lola teamed up to create this stunning statement necklace. Multi strands of pearls intertwined with a teal rhinestone strand and personalized with a monogram in any two or three letters of your choice.
Any Mom will love this amazing necklace, she will wear her statement jewelry 
with your personalized sentiment in mind.

Stick to the Basics!
Every Mother loves high quality pajamas and robes!
At Lavender Fields, we offer well known brands that Mom will adore.
Brands include: Pine Cone Hill, Jacaranda Living, Taylor Linens and Peacock Alley.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Getting Excited Over New House Projects!

After this tough winter on the east coast I am so ready to work on some exciting projects on our house. I have so much to share with you soon! I am taking photos along the way so I can show you the progress. I just had a new picket fence put in the front of the house and a gorgeous arbor. I plan on growing lots of roses and taking out the grass and putting in a cottage garden. Pinterest is so inspiring.

This is not my house but a photo from Pinterest and I just love how the arbor looks.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

While we are working on the garden I am also planning on creating a zen garden where Ava Rose and I can do our yoga and meditation. I have a spot carved out already with concrete and we will be working on a mosaic. Right now we are just talking about ideas for the mosaic. I just love how creative Ava Rose is becoming and she has so many ideas!

Photo courtesy of Pinterest 

I have been holding on to a bag of river rocks that my dad found and old tile from my childhood home. I plan on incorporating both into our mosaic. I just love this path I found on pinterest. 
After the mosaic I may just try building a few paths.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

I am also planning on working on my office and our family room. Being in this business I see so many beautiful things every day it makes it hard for me to pick but as soon as I saw a sample of this floor I knew I had to have it. Cali bamboo floor in pearl.

This is just a little of what we have planned. I will post each project in detail soon! We have a lot of work to do and we plan on spending the weekend getting ready!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Create an Outdoor Oasis with Outdoor Rugs, Pillows and Accessories

The Warm Weather is Here! 
Create a space in the beautiful outdoors where you can entertain and relax all season long.
Poolside or on the patio, Lavender Fields offers a wide range of outdoor furniture, decor and beautiful items that will transform your backyard into your luxurious outdoor Oasis.

Indoor / Outdoor Rugs
Our gorgeous indoor / outdoor rugs are super durable and adorable!
From Plaid to Plain - we offer a HUGE assortment of beautiful prints and sizes.
Our favorite and most popular collection this season is the Bunny Williams Rug collection!
Hues of pastels are HOT this summer! Blush pinks, moss greens and soft blues!

Our outdoor rugs are also pet friendly, bleachable and scrubbable!

Where do I put an outdoor rug?
Finding a place for your outdoor rug is more simple than you think...

besides the obvious: on the patio or deck...

A few other ideas:
  • in the garden
  • in the walkway
  • on the boat
  • in front of the door (wipe your paws)
  • in the garage
  • by the poolside
  • by the jacuzzi
  • in the florida room (sunroom)
  • down the steps

Outdoor Pillows
There's nothing more inviting than an outdoor setting with comfy and cozy pretty pillows.
From Floral to Coastal - we offer a ton of durable outdoor pillows. Decorate in bright and bold summer tones or a preppy nautical theme...our variety of styles will cover all of them.

Rattan Swinging Chair
Hang it and swing! Adding this rattan chair is great for extra seating, but also doubles as an amazing decor piece. Be one with nature and relax all day!

Get Nautical!
Our variety of nautical themed pillows and totes will anchor you for the sea.

Garden Furniture
Gardening is a lovely way to keep busy outside, grow beautiful flowers and enjoy nature. A lot of our customers go crazy over our assortment of garden furniture. Add seating to your floral sanctuary, decor for that extra eye appeal and a place where you can breathe deep and reflect. 

Majestic Fairy Garden
One of our favorite summer projects - adding to our fairy garden!
A fun and whimsy project you can do with the kids. Keeps them outside and keeps you busy for hours. Start with a few pieces and grow your fairy garden into a village. Name your fairies and give your plants some decor!

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Coastal Style Furniture and Decor at Lavender Fields

Coastal Style is relaxed and interiors with rooms that are loosely arranged and casual. 
This beauty style should include fabrics are that are simple, natural, and durable.

A coastal palette that offers a nice translucent reflection on this style would include: 
clear blues, sea greens, creamy whites, and beige. Reminding us of the hues of sand and water. 

Nautical and beach accents, such as shells, coral, and sea creatures. 
The scent of the beach is always a lovely touch. 

Depending on your personal style,  there are a few takes on Coastal you can decorate with. 
A Beachy cottage style includes slightly distressed pieces, wood accents and a touch of the sea. 
A preppy nautical design would include a country club-like look, which includes hues of navy and blues in stripes and nautical icons (anchors, sail boats and creatures of the ocean). 
Mixing and matching these two looks is always an winning idea as well. 

From a year round coastal home to a seasonal beach house, you will find everything 
you need to create your refreshing style.

The sand dollar print is beautiful enough but then paired with a rustic cream frame with beading and a linen mat it is just stunning. There are so many ways to display art prints. We love to display two or three different shell prints or just one very large one over a desk, sofa or bed will make a statement in your room. 

The shell print is beautiful enough but then paired with a rustic cream frame with beading and a linen mat it is just stunning. There are so many ways to display art prints. We love to display two or three different shell prints or just one very large one over a desk, sofa or bed will make a statement in your room. 
The sea urchin print is beautiful enough but then paired with a rustic cream frame with beading and a linen mat it is just stunning. There are so many ways to display art prints. We love to display two or three different shell prints or just one very large one over a desk, sofa or bed will make a statement in your room.

Flip Flops and Tank Tops Only Please! 
Let's Hit The Beach! Vintage style canvas prints. Unique and beautiful for the love of the beach and sea! SHOP >>

For a coastal home, boat or sunroom! SHOP NOW

Classic Adirondack chairs and settees in over 15 colors and styles. 
Rockers, accent tables and benches, find the perfect outdoor furniture for every decor and style. 
Our favorite furniture brands for Coastal furniture indoor and outdoor: 
Nantucket and Somerset Bay furniture

Many styles, shapes and colors to choose from!
Outdoor Sunbrella® fabric pillows, Pom Pom at Home, Taylor Linens, Fresh American Pillows and lots of Vintage style beach house designs!

We offer the a HUGE SELECTION of amazing Indoor / Outdoor rugs, including new coastal style prints and stripes!!! Well known name brands like Dash and Albert and Surya Rugs. 
Place a rug everywhere - from your hallway to your garden. 
These rugs are great for use on boats and by the pool! 
Don't forget to wipe your paws, cause they are pet friendly too!