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What is Cottagecore Style Decor? How to Decorate Your Home in this Cozy, Trendy Style

If you've long been a lover of cottage-inspired decor, you may have heard the term "cottagecore" pop up lately and wonder, "Huh? What does that mean?"

Around March 2020 when the pandemic began, everyone took to their homes and began baking bread to keep busy. People who'd never really been into the homebody life really got into it (and those of us who'd always loved this homey, cozy, cottage-y lifestyle were happy to keep on keeping on). With the rise of work from home, and the need to stay at home, the Cottagecore aesthetic took off.  

Cottagecore Style Decor Ideas

Clockwise from top left: Southport Chandelier | Hydrangeas Artwork | Polka Dot Matelasse Quilt | Giulietta Blue Pitcher | Pom Pom at Home Calypso Rug | Jacaranda Living Pippa Nightgown | Kate Forman Fuschia and Basil Fabric | Schumacher Toile Wallpaper | Farm & Sea Candle | Bella Bianca Plates

What does Cottagecore Mean?

Cottagecore essentially means the same thing a cottage-inspired lifestyle has always meant, just with a new, Gen-Z inspired name to it. 

Think a cozy home, surrounded by nature or gardens, filled with antique furniture and vintage linens. You spend your days reading books, drinking tea, and baking. You wear pretty smocked dresses and grandma-chic cardigans. If you're thinking, "Wait, this is cool now? This is what I've always done," - Congrats! You're officially a trendsetter ;) 

What is Cottagecore style decor?

 Cottagecore style decor leans to the romantic, shabby-chic side. Think a small cottage with rustic touches, white paint on the walls, wood floors covered in cotton rugs, antique furniture, floral fabrics, and flowers from the garden everywhere you look. 

How do you decorate a room in Cottagecore style?

There are a number of ways to incorporate Cottagecore decor into your existing space. If your home is already coastal, farmhouse, French country, or a combination of those, you can incorporate a cottagecore feel naturally into your home. 

  • Botanical prints in fabrics, wallpaper, or artwork
  • Vintage furniture or decor, like mirrors, vintage suitcases from an estate sale or thrift store, or vintage books. If you want to find vintage-inspired furniture, check out our furniture collection
  • Don't be afraid of patterns - gingham, toile, ticking stripe, and chintz are all popular. 

Roses 50 cents by Debi Coules

What is Cottagecore fashion?

Cottagecore fashion is generally cozy, comfy, and easy to wear. It's usually made of natural fibers (think linen, cotton, and wool). Smocked dresses in the summer are popular, and add a cozy sweater and tights when it gets chilly.

Remember the Laura Ashley dresses that used to be so popular back in the day? This is an updated version of that for the new generation. 

Where to Find Cottagecore Bedding

Cottagecore bedding is usually either all-white or has pretty botanicals and flowers on it. We usually love Pine Cone Hill, Designer's Guild, or Taylor Linens.

Pretty roses with Taylor Lines Pink Shore Rose Porch Pillow

Our best-selling Cottagecore bedding from Taylor Linens

Where to Find Cottagecore Rugs

When it comes to rugs, there's a wide range of options for a Cottagecore home.
You can opt for a simple jute or sisal area rug - the most modern option, and works well in both farmhouse and coastal homes.

The most classic Cottagecore look is a cotton area rug - soft underfoot, and gives that traditional cottage feel. 

Bunny Williams Bo Blue Rug

Our Outdoor Entertaining Guide Is Everything You Need for Summer Hostessing

With summer parties just around the corner, we've created this outdoor entertaining guide with ideas for everything you need to host your summer get-togethers. From outdoor rugs to tips on the making your hostessing duties easier, keep reading for our best outdoor entertaining pointers for summer.

Invest in outdoor tableware like melamine dishes

Not only are outdoor dishes easier to carry inside and out, they're more durable, easier to clean, and can be used at outdoor parties, BBQs, and picnics, too. Ours are made from BPA-free melamine, and we stock them in a range of styles and colors. Try the Vietri line for a more neutral look, or the Laura Park line for a bold and colorful vibe. 

Shop the Laura Park Brooks Avenue Melamine Dishes 

Use a tray to carry things from the kitchen 

Make your life easier and invest in a few pretty trays to carry things in and out of your kitchen or butler's pantry - you'll have dishes, flatware, serving platters, and table linens to carry to set the table, plus all your food ingredients for the grill. It's a lot to fill up your arms with, and a tray makes it a lot easier - plus it makes cleanup a breeze when the party is over. 

Shop the Madcap Cottage Bamboozled Tray

Keep bugs at bay with all-natural mosquito and insect repellent

No one likes mosquitos, but who wants to sit on a beautiful patio and be doused by that toxic-smelling bug spray all night? We stock a line of all-natural, effective insect repellents, from sticks to incense to candles. Buy a few options and leave them out for your guests to rub on if they want, then light candles as another way to keep insects away. 

Shop the all-natural mosquito repellent balm

Splurge on nice napkins for dinner

Our rule for entertaining is that dinner napkins should always be cloth napkins. Cocktail napkins can be pretty paper ones, like our new sailboat ones for summer (but can be embroidered, like our Sferra Beachcomber ones, if you want to go really fancy). 

This summer, we're loving this Blue Pheasant lobster napkins for dinner parties. 

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Don't forget a vase for the table

Your table should always have fresh flowers, whether it's from the garden, the farmer's market, or the grocery store (tip: Trader Joe's and Costco both have great flower sections in a pinch). 

Another tip? A pretty water pitcher doubles as a vase if you can't find your favorite vase right before guests arrive. 

Shop the Etu Home Colorblock Vase

Use an outdoor rug and pillows for durability

Outdoor rugs and pillows are made from special fabrics and materials to prevent sun damage and water damage. They're also much more easily cleaned than regular rugs and pillows - some outdoor rugs can even be bleach-cleaned!

Shop our outdoor rug collection here to find one that fits your style. 

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