Friday, January 27, 2023

Monograms 101: Our Guide to Monograms and Monogram Etiquette

 What is a monogram?

A monogram is a typographic design consisting of two or more combined or interlaced initials –
usually a first, middle, and last name, but you can also do a couple's monogram with two first names and a shared last name, or just the two first names. 

What type of items can be monogrammed? 

As a good Southern woman would say, anything that's sitting still! At Lavender & Company, we love to monogram robes, blankets, and towels to really personalize our favorite gifts. 

What order do initials go in a 3 letter monogram? 

It depends on the style you like. A three letter monogram can go first, middle, last name, or can have the last name in the center. 
  • A more simple and modern/clean look is a block style monogram. Take the name Rose Anna Smith - you can style it RAS.
  • You can also style this name rSa, with the S larger, and the R and A on either side.
For married couples, the woman's name is always first. For Rose Anna Smith and David Michael Brown, a three letter monogram would be: 
  • RDB in a block style monogram font
  • rBd in a more stylized or script monogram font.

how to style monograms | monogram etiquette

What order do initial go in a 4 letter monogram? 

There are a few instances in which you'd use a four letter monogram - if you have two middle names, or if you have a hyphenated last name and still use your middle name.
  • If you have two middle names (Rose Anna Claire Smith): you'd style your monogram RACS in a block monogram style font.  
  • If you have a hyphenated last name and still use your middle name (Rose Anne Smith-Brown), you'd style your monogram rSBa, with the last names larger in the center. 
how to style monograms | monogram etiquette

Does a husband or wife's name go first in a monogram? 

A wife's name always goes first in a monogram. 
  • If a same sex couple has taken one person's name (Chris Jones has taken David Brown's name, they are now Chris and David Brown), the person with the new name would come first (in this example, Chris).
  • If a couple keeps their individual names or both hyphenate (Chris and David Jones-Brown), they could use a two-letter monogram (JB for Jones-Brown), or the 4-letter hyphenated monogram example from above (in this example, cJBd). 

Can a full name be monogrammed? 

Yes, you can monogram your full name on many of our products. In fact, we encourage it! We especially love a first name on a robe, blanket, and especially towels for kids' bathrooms (that way, everyone knows which one is theirs). 

Brands We Love: Modern History Furniture

One of our favorite furniture brands that we carry in the shop is Modern History furniture. This handcrafted furniture is made to last (and to be stylish) for generations. With dovetailed drawers, solid brass hardware, and hand-applied finishes, it's the type of furniture that will live in your home for years and years to come. 

Why We Love Modern History Furniture

We chose Modern History and its sister brand, Somerset Bay. to carry in our shop not just because of the exceptional beauty of the different pieces, but because of the quality. 

Owned by second-generation furniture makers, Modern History and Somerset Bay makes furniture in small batches. This old-school way of making furniture allows artisans to painstakingly monitor the details of their high-quality finishes. Their furniture doesn't run off the assembly line by the tens of thousands - furniture makers are working on each individual piece to insure its quality. 

Modern History's furniture is made with timeless construction that will last. Dovetailed drawers and solid brass hardware will stay intact and functional for generations. 

We also love the style of Modern History furniture. The pieces fit into a range of different home styles, from Midcentury modern to French country to farmhouse. They can seamlessly be added to a room and look like they were made for it. 

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Our Favorite Modern History Dining Room Furniture

We love  the Killington Double Pedestal Dining Room Table, from Modern History's sister brand, Somerset Bay. This is the perfect dining table for a formal (or not-so-formal) dining room. It's made of solid mahogany and comes in 24 finishes, including wood veneers and painted finishes. 

The double pedestal gives a light, airy look and plenty of leg room for your guests. 

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Shop the Killington Double Pedestal Dining Room Table

We also love a console table in a dining room. It's a nice way to add some depth and decor to even a smaller space or dining room. The Modern History Metal and Acrylic Console fits under a mirror or art piece and is a great landing spot for decor, floral arrangements, candlesticks, or smaller serving dishes or wine glasses. 

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Our Favorite Modern History Bedroom Furniture

Modern History has a wide range of nightstands and commodes - we love these larger items for bedside tables, as they give you plenty of storage (and really anchor a bed and a room). 

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A larger chest or commode works well in a guest room with two twin or full beds - it provides enough room for both people to lay their books, water glasses, and phones. 

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Our Favorite Modern History Beds

Modern History and Somerset Bay have some beautiful beds for every style. Made from solid wood, they come in a wide range of painted and wood veneer finishes. We love that they can fit as easily in a Park Avenue apartment as a Palm Beach cottage. 

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