Thursday, April 30, 2015

We got your Walls covered! The Wonders of Wallpaper!

Wallpaper has Made its Comeback! 
There is nothing like a beautifully papered wall of a rich luxurious print...or an adorable kids room, filled with color and cuteness. The beauty of wallpaper is you can cover as much or as little wall space as you want. You can change it up as often as you want, with very little effort or cost. 

Wallpaper isn't just for Walls!
What we love the most about wallpaper is the discovery of covering other things with the beautiful printed paper. After hearing awesome ideas from our customers, what they've used our wallpaper on, looking through blogs and researching...we've come up with an amazing list of ideas of other uses of wallpaper in your home!

Wallpaper your Ceilings!
Tired of plain white ceilings? Wallpaper them! This beautiful Hygge and West wallpaper is a nice choice as a ceiling cover. Light and airy, super relaxing...clouds and birds glide above you 24/7.  This "Daydream" Wallpaper is available in a few different color options.

Wallpaper your Stairs!
Spruce up your plain old stairs! This is one of our favorite alternative wallpaper ideas so far! 
A thicker paper is usually ideal for high traffic areas. Our Hygge and West wallpaper is extra durable, so any of these prints will work well. If you are in love with a certain print and you feel that the paper is not thick enough, you can always add a protective coating.

Wallpaper your Furniture!
Sometimes you love a piece of furniture and just need a change. Maybe you found an amazing piece from an estate sale, and want to give it a fresh updated look. Whatever the reason is, wallpapering furniture is a great way to get the style you are searching for.
Add a back splash to your Hutch or Bookcase.
Add a sweet surprise to dresser drawers - on the sides or line the insides.
Give your chest or dresser a completely new look!
Kids rooms? 
Our new collection of Majvillan wallpaper is just want you are looking for. 
Boys and Girls prints they will adore!

Frame your wallpaper!
Using a smaller section of your favorite wallpaper is another option, if you don't want to completely cover. Framing out large or small pieces of wallpaper is a new to the interior decor community. The beautiful freedom you get with this option is that you can use the same wallpaper print in smaller areas, which will then bring it all together. 
We love the look of a furniture piece and framed section with the same print. 
We offer beautiful prints from Hygge and West, Designer's Guild and Majvillan.

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