Monday, July 28, 2014

My Baby Girl is Turning 6 and Party Plans are Underway!

I cannot believe it! Ava Rose is turning 6 on August 4th. Time really goes by way too fast. I try to enjoy ever single day with her and still it went so quickly. I savored the baby years and toddler years. Cried for the first day of pre-k and kindergarten now I have a first grader!

Ava Rose's first photo shoot. Courtesy of Christina Bohn Photography

Ava Rose is a true miracle. I truly had faith that she would come into my life and always believed, trusted and was very patient. So the day she was born is a true celebration for me. I celebrate that Ava Rose is a gift from heaven and that she is an amazing little girl. Truly taking after me she loves party planning and decorating and parties are a big deal at our house. Ava Rose starts to plan her birthday in the winter. She carefully thinks about a theme all winter long. I always tell her don't rush it! But she loves it so we plan and plan. This year she decide on a Country Western Hoedown. The planning, shopping and decorating is well underway for at least a month now. We enjoy every minute of it. Creating a guest list, writing out invitations, and of course researching on pinterest and coming up with a full plan. Then shopping!! We create everything from the table arrangements to full props.

Ava Rose's first birthday


Ava Rose is involved in all aspects of the party planning. Even selecting the menu. This year we decided on a Country American picnic mostly vegetarian menu. We found a great chef that worked with us to select some fun comfort foods - southern mac and cheese, corn muffins, chili, corn on the cob, old fashioned potato salads and picnic salads and sandwiches. We will have old fashioned lemonade, ice tea and of course a sundae bar!

Of course no party of Ava's would not be complete without a horse so her favorite horse will come and wish Ava a happy birthday and provide fun for the kids. We have lots of games planned like potato sack races, horse shoe throw and digging for gold. As well as a photo booth and old fashioned village.

We believe in paying it forward and giving back so each year before the party we go through all of Ava's toys and clothing and donate them to local charities. I also taught Ava Rose that it is important to save for what she would like and she saves her coins all year round to pay for her favorite horse to come to the party.

Ava Rose turns 5. 2013 

Ava Rose's party is this Saturday so we have a busy week ahead as we start to decorate but we will have photos soon to share with you.

Feeling so blessed!

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