Monday, December 10, 2012

Aidan Gray Spotlight & Lavender Fields Interior Design Services

We carry many wonderful brands at Lavender Fields, but today we wanted to spotlight one lovely brand in particular… Aidan Gray!
Founded in 2003, they have been creating gorgeous interior décor for nearly ten years and it just keeps getting better. Randal and Sally, the two founding partners’, have a strong desire to create handmade products with authentic materials. Solid wood, antique mirrors, rustic metals, old painted finishes and silk appointments shape the Aidan Gray “feel” to their products. Above all, they’re recognized by their exceptional quality and detail oriented products. If that weren’t enough, they really top it with great customer service that makes each purchase and interaction with Aidan Gray a pleasing experience.
Lavender Fields ships Aidan Gray for FREE. How great is that? Here are several wonderful products of theirs we carry. Be sure to view them all here.



We’re also pleased to announce that we have expanded our design services! We will soon be offering everything from window installations, to full kitchen and bath design, all from several certified Interior Design experts who are collaborating with Lavender Fields. Be sure to keep your eyes on our updates, as we will be announcing these wonderful experts with you very soon.
Whether it’s with Aidan Gray products or products from several other amazing brands we carry, we will continue to provide you with great items, and exceptional design services to help you make your house a beautiful home.

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