Friday, December 9, 2016

Trimming a Tree for Every Room

If you’re feeling extra holly jolly now that it’s December and just love decorating, think about this: more than one Christmas tree. That’s right. Who says you can’t have more fun and more merriment? We love putting up multiple Christmas trees each year to cater to each room’s aesthetic. 

The Shabby Chic Tree
Add a festive touch to a shabby chic room by complementing existing décor. If your room is decorated with beautiful and feminine accessories,opt for a tree that just screams holiday chic. Our bedroom is the place where we bring out all the pink! 

Start with an all-white synthetic tree for an antique base, or go for a traditional evergreen. If it’s not pre-lit, we recommend wrapping white or pink lights all around! Now it’s time for ribbon. Use burlap, lace or pastel tones for a chic touch or even satin ribbon looks beautiful! Then decorate with pretty ornaments, like our  Snowflake Ornament and our Heart Ornament. Pair it with neutral hues throughout the room to create a winter wonderland! We love bottlebrush trees and a bowl filled with vintage ornaments. 

The Naturalist Tree
Decorate with natural elements – pinecones, branches, holly, leaves and more beautiful décor you can obtain for free. This naturalist aesthetic pairs great with rustic décor. Decorate with acorns and greenery, or add a bit of color and fun with burlap ribbon, handmade ornaments and personal mementos. We love to add some vintage style props to our tree like this sweet vintage truck filled with glittered pinecones. 

Light it up with vibrant gold lights for a calming charm that goes great with that fresh Christmas tree smell. If you opt for a synthetic tree, get that great smell with our Christmas Joy Candle, made from 100% renewable soy wax.

The Traditional Spin
If you’re a green-and-red type of Christmas decorator, go for a classic beauty. Set up a grand tree to wrap in tartan ribbon. We love a rich burgundy color or an eye-catching red. Lights are up to you, but we love the ritzy feel of gold. Let them twinkle, too! Our traditional tree always goes on our front porch. We love that Adirondack Christmas look with warm plaid throws. 

A traditionally decorated tree pairs well with our Pomegranates and Bunches Wreath, which pulls in natural elements to create an eye-catching color palette of reds, greens and golds.

Additional Touches
Part of creating a beautiful Christmas tree setup is surrounding it with beautiful accessories. Get creative with tree skirts! Opt for soft fabrics, natural fibers or even plush blankets.
Then decorate your beds, chairs and couches with festive pillows. Our Merry Little Christmas Pillow is perfect for a traditional tree, and our Pere Noel has a lovely vintage charm.

How many trees will you put up this year? Let us know in the comments!

And while you are doing all the decorating make sure you are in our flannel Vintage Santa Pajamas

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