Friday, November 11, 2016

How to Set a Beautiful Holiday Table

Whether you have family coming in from out of town, or you’re hosting a small get-together, preparing for the holidays takes time and planning. Luckily, it’s the fun kind of planning! Setting a holiday table can go a long way to create a peaceful ambience and relaxed vibe for your holiday event. Here are a few tips to create a dream-worthy setup for you and your loved ones.

Choose Your Color Palette
The first step to creating that perfect holiday tablescape is to select a color palette that complements your dining room décor. We recommend incorporating several neutrals, with a pop of an accent color. For inspiration, visit the paint section of a hardware store and browse through the color combinations. You can also search for holiday color palettes online, in magazines or in nature.

As you set your color palette, pick out your accent color. How would you like to incorporate it? It could pop into the linen napkins, the dishes and cutlery, small accessories or even décor like garland or candles. Common holiday accent colors are red, burgundy, green, blue, gold, silver and more — but you don’t have to stop there. Let your imagination run wild!

Layer Your Linens
Table linens can play a significant role in your holiday design. We love the technique of layering linens to create dimension, texture and warmth. Select a tablecloth in a soft neutral color like beige, white or gray, depending on your color palette. Our Hampton Placemats can either mimic the neutral tablecloth color or add in a new shade from your palette.

Choose dishware that complements your color scheme, then place bold napkins on top. Browse Windsor and Carmel Napkins to find the color that’s right for you. 

Play with Textures
Part of layering linens and elements is playing with textures and patterns. Choose Lily Napkins for a romantic, soothing ruffled edge. Or go for the Chloe Placemat, which features intricate floral cutwork. These designs are still available in neutral colors, but the texture variation will help break up any monotony and add in a bit of that “yes” factor.

Choose the Final Touches
Accessorizing is the final step to setting your dream-worthy holiday tablescape. Tie your tablecloth with ivy or garland, sprinkle holiday leaves around candlesticks, select cutlery with subtle accents and let your creativity shine. Our Victorian Napkin Rings are a great way to add a polished, final touch to your setup.

Enjoy designing, shopping and of course, eating, this holiday season!

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