Friday, May 22, 2015

Reflecting on Summer

Summer means so much to me. It brings back so many childhood memories. Starting Memorial Day Weekend my parents would pack up the car to take my sister and I to our house in Sullivan County New York. I can still remember the Chevy Nova my dad drove and the old vintage thermos filled with coffee and ice tea. We would stop at Bear Mountain and just get out and breathe the fresh country air. Growing up in Brooklyn it was such an amazing escape to the country each weekend. I can easily recall so many fond memories. One of my favorites is the sound of the old wood screen door. I am planning on putting one in my house this summer just for the sound!

Here is a picture of me (the younger one) and my sister with our schnauzer Buffy sometime in the seventies.

Our house was near the original Woodstock location and near White Lake and Bethel. It has changed so much now but I remember asking my dad how it was driving up during Woodstock and he laughed and said he stayed away. Traffic was backed up for miles. But just thinking of that time was so much fun to me. To know how house was so close to it. We visit the site very summer.

We would spend lazy summer weekends by the lake and then take a fun trip into White Lake to visit the old grocery store for candy. Time stood still back then. Weekends seemed so long and there were no cell phones or laptops or even tv in the house. We would listen to the radio. We spent nights playing games and pick up sticks or catching fireflies.

I would love to go back to that time when my parents were still with us. But I can only remember those days and I promised my little girl this summer we will put down the phones and computers and play games and catch fireflies, eat ice cream and take road trips. I want to build those same memories for her. We still have our house and although it looks different up there now it is still summer in the country and Ava Rose is already loving it.

Wishing you a safe and happy summer of building memories for you and your family.

Lori and Ava Rose

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