Saturday, March 7, 2015

Ava Rose's "Big Girl" Room

My favorite room to design in our home was Ava Rose's. Designing rooms for other people is my passion but to design a room for my little girl has been my ultimate dream! When Ava Rose came into my life she added color and happiness and I wanted  her room show just that. When I designed her nursery I also imagined Ava Rose as a toddler and a little girl. Boy I had no idea it would go this quickly. She is now 6! Everyone said it would go so fast and they were right! I enjoy every year and every stage. Ava Rose has a big part in design. Growing up in the business she sure loves the feel of luxury linens. Bella Notte is her favorite and how can it not be? The feel of every single fabric is so divine. I had fun selecting every single item for Ava Rose's room from the custom Jennifer Lanne mural to the handmade letter A, the fun pillows from Mr. Tweed's Whimsy and of course her beautiful bedding. The fun teepee is from Ava's 6th birthday party. It is available on our website. It is her secret hiding place and a great storage place for toys when I want to see an organized room. 

This day was fun for both of us. We were lucky enough to have the editor of Romantic Homes - Jacqueline deMontravel at our house for the Holiday Shoot for Romantic Homes November 2014 issue. 

Our favorite Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic chair is our reading chair and our snuggle chair and of course Ava Rose's signature cowgirl boots. She is known around town as the curly haired girl with the pink cowgirl boots. She gets a new pair every birthday. 

I love this pillow from Mr. Tweed's Whimsy. I remember dressing Ava Rose up for this photo shoot like it was yesterday!

Pat from Mr. Tweed's Whimsy surprised me with this pillow. A great memory of our little scottish terrier, Terri. Ava Rose cherishes this one and will always have something special to 
remind her of Terri. 

I am sure in just a few years Ava Rose will want to design her own room and that will be completely fine with me. I will enjoy watching my little designer come up with her tween room. But for now I am not rushing anything. I will continue to enjoy her baby items that I store in her pretty Jane Keltner armoire and sit with Ava Rose and dream up our next fun adventure.

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