Saturday, November 29, 2014

A List of our Favorite Gifts that we will be Giving this Year

The holidays are a time for me to thank the people in my life for all they do throughout the year. So much goes into a business to make it run smoothly. With a storefront and an online store there is a lot that gets done behind the scenes to make it all run smoothly. From social media to window staging, wrapping and shipping and shelf stocking owning a business is a 24/7 operation and sometimes I can forget to say thank you. I am always so grateful but I like to hand wrap a special treat to say thanks for a wonderful year. This year I put together a list of my favorite gifts that I will be giving. I selected some creative artists to showcase at Lavender Fields this year and most products on the list are handmade. I spend countless hours looking at new products and testing them to make sure I love them and hope you do too! 

  1. Soap and Paper Factory Lavender Collection {Shop Now}
  2. She Dreams in French Apron {Shop Now}
  3. Pine Cone Hill Flannel Pajamas {Shop Now}
  4. Trapp Candles - all scents {Shop Now}
  5. Lord and Lady Sparrow Necklace {Shop Now}
  6. Beth Quinn Jewelry Bags {Shop Now}
  7. Couture Dreams Chichi Throws {Shop Now}
  8. Peace Love Joy Ornament {Shop Now}
  9. Wildbath Scrub {Shop Now}
  10. Joyeux Noel Sign {Shop Now}
  11. Ganache for Lips {Shop Now}
  12. Let Her Journey Begin Keychain {Shop Now}
  13. French Lavender Soap {Shop Now}

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