Sunday, June 15, 2014

Remembering a Great Man

I think of my dad often. I lost him when I was only 10. But the impact he had on my life was incredible. We had a bond that was never broken. He taught me how to look for antiques. Our favorite thing to do was to go to yard sales, garage sales and thrift stores. My dad was always looking for treasures and he found them. He found a 1928 car during one of his yard sale trips. One of his biggest finds ever. I just love this picture of him in a vintage station wagon. I wish I had it now. He was going on a hunting trip but could never kill a fly. He would feed the deer his sandwich when no one was looking.

Today I was pondering what to do in the store window and I thought about my dad. I wanted to find props for a vintage picnic and I was wishing he was here to help me. Oh how he would have loved to help me find props and treasures for the shop. He taught me well but I still wish he was here to share each day with me and watch my daughter grow.

Wishing all the dads a wonderful Father's Day. Give your dad a great big hug. Enjoy each moment. Make memories that will last.

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