Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lavender Fields Will Come to Your House for Free Design Assistance!

Would you like a designer from 
Lavender Fields to come to your house? 
Now you can with our virtual design services. 
Our interior designers can work with you 
anywhere in the nation or the world! 
Yes anywhere! 

We can put together a bed or an entire room or your entire house! We know how difficult it can be to have so many choices and not know how to put it all together.  

We are not a big box store and you will never get an operator to answer the phone that has no idea about interior design.

We can make shopping online easy.

You will get a certified interior designer every time you call. Guaranteed! 
No need to purchase an 
entire room from a catalog 
page just because you are 
unsure how to decorate. 

We can make your room unique
Our services include: 
  • Selecting bedding to coordinate with your furniture.
  • Selecting furniture. 
  • Selecting lighting.
  • Selecting and customizing window treatments.
  • Paint selection to go along with your purchase.
  • Space planning and design.
  • Antique acquisition
  • Children's Rooms
  • Selecting Accents
Call us today to set up an appointment 

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