Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Finding the Perfect Pet Proof Slipcovers

With a house full of pets and a 5 year old that loves to snack on the sofa my quest for the perfect slipcover began. It was not easy. I did hours of research on what fabric will be Harry proof (our rescue dog that likes to eat the sofa when he is left alone), Ava proof (my five year old that likes to snack on the sofa), Cat proof for our kitties that think it can be a scratching post.

I love a well designed home that is livable. I do not want to obsess about the slipcovers. I do not want to ever dry clean. I want to throw them in the wash and dryer once a week. So my search for the perfect fabric began. I wanted a solid this time as I currently have Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic slipcovers, I wanted that relaxed look and I wanted them to be soft to touch and easily removable. I considered cotton duck, twill and chenille. I read article after article on how pets can destroy all 3. I don't use leather and I do not want any micro fiber. 

I am my pickiest customer! After a solid week of research I selected Sunbrella. I read countless blog posts and message boards how Sunbrella will hold up with pets and children. Easy to wash and easy to spot clean. So my fabric is on the way. I will let you know how it works out for us in the next few months. Hopefully these slips are bulletproof! 

Lavender Fields offers Sunbrella fabrics and also custom slipcovers. 
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