Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ava Rose is 5!

Wow time goes fast. My baby girl turned 5. She is turning into a little girl with every changing day. Everyone said it goes fast, enjoy every second and they are right. I do enjoy every second. This year Ava Rose selected her birthday party theme...a Carnival! She got the idea from a pretty little dress she had on early in May. She gets so excited planning her birthday party it is so cute. She talks about the decorations and wants to select everything with me. She goes over the list making sure I include everyone she can think of. She gets excited when the invitations arrive and she helps to mail them.

We had a fun time this year with the Carnival theme. We researched on Pinterest in the evenings and went shopping for things we decided on. Her favorite was the elephant centerpieces which she helped set up with her aunt and uncle. The highlight of her day was when her favorite ponies arrived Coco Puff and Sweetie Pie. It has become a tradition for the ponies to attend Ava Rose's party. She met them when she was 2 at a fair and fell in love. The day turned out beautiful and I know for sure I am enjoying every second watching my little rose grow. Happy Birthday Ava Rose!

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