Monday, July 22, 2013

Dorm Décor and So Much More...

Office Organizer

Inspired from an antique well pulley, these office organizers hold it all. Made of zinc and recycled sheet metal with a weathered surface, they will hold pens, pencils, standard sized magazines and envelopes plus more. Aidan Gray Travail Quatre Office Organizer.
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Chair Pocket

Create extra space for your books and school supplies by slipping this cool storage pocket onto the back of your desk chair. From your calculator to your water bottle, it fits it all! (

Footlocker with Tray
Made by a long-time manufacturer of premium luggage, the Footlocker with Tray is built to last. Whether used for storage or travel, this hard-working trunk provides a generous capacity for clothing, linens, books or personal treasures and features a removable tray.(

Privacy Pop Tent

Designed to fit a standard twin size mattress. 
The innovative tent that fits around a bed and provides privacy in shared rooms. Create a private space to sleep and relax in with the Privacy Pop Tent. This pop up tent is a versatile choice that can be easily added and stored

1. Lofting beds: Lofting beds isn't always an option, but if it is, it's a great way to free up floor space.

2. Double up the desks: At some schools, you're allowed to bring your own desks, which means you can purchase something streamlined and sleek. 

3. Curtains: Hanging in front of your bed can give you privacy. A simple curtain hides shelves that are sure to get messy.

4. Butting beds: Just like with the desks, sliding beds over to the side of the room gives everything a more spacious feel. Plus, you end up with a sort of daybed/sofa vibe

  • Laundry hamper is a must-have for any dorm room closet. Pop-up hampers are ideal for tiny closets – the mesh material is flexible, so it can be squeezed into tight spaces. 
  • Hanging shelves will give you more storage for your clothing. They take up a small amount of space in your closet.
  • Shoe racks are ideal, it will keep all your footwear neatly organized in one place. Over-the-door versions are roomy and can hold lots of shoes, but not all dorm closets have doors. 
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