Wednesday, March 6, 2013

We Love Balloons!

We love Balloons!

We go crazy over Parisians, London, Goblets and the Butterfly!
Crystals, Bullion......

No, we aren't talking about travel, table settings, nature , jewelry or investments.
We are talking Window Treatments! in Shades, Panels, Cornices and Swags...

Lavender Fields can do it all!
We can dress up your Palladians, cover your French Doors, we can top off your Casements!
Be it a simple linen drapery, blowing in the wind or a swag, trimmed with welting, mini-ruffles swooped up with crystal embellished tassels, we do it.

Love a balloon shade peeking out under a curtain.


We do it all and we do it well!
From your choice of fabric to professional installation, let our design team and our wonderful workroom do it for you!

Contact  us for a design consultation. ---Nancy, Design Consultant, Lavender Fields

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