Friday, January 11, 2013

Bella Notte Baby!

Bella Notte Linens has amazingly luxurious baby bedding for your adorable teeny tot! Since you want what is best for your bundle of joy, they also know how important it is not to expose your baby (or yourself) to dangerous toxins. This is why they use top of the line non-toxic and low-impact dyes. It keeps the environment healthy, and you and your munchkin too.   

Bella Notte pride's themselves in creating beautiful products with the least environmental impact. Each order is custom dyed with their low-impact and non-toxic dyes. The process they use saves more heat, water and energy than the use of conventional dyes. Bella Notte's low-impact/non-toxic fiber reactive dyes are the best quality man-made dyes available and the most environmentally friendly.

"While conventional dyes not only contain toxic chemicals
and cancer-causing heavy metals, excessive amounts of water are used
to rinse these harmful substances from the fabric.
In contrast, low-impact fiber reactive dyes are able to provide us
with the same diverse palette of vibrant colors, yet create less toxic waste
and use less heat, energy and water. Low-impact fabrics are categorized as
those textiles with a minimal impact on the environment over their
entire life cycle--including raw material selection, production,
usage and disposal. Each fiber differs in impact throughout
the varying stages of its life.
For example, organic cotton (a textile used in our line) is grown
using a production system that replenishes and maintains soil fertility,
reduces the use of toxic pesticides and defoliants, and builds
biologically diverse agriculture.
Such methods and materials have a very low impact on the environment
unlike the production of conventionally grown cotton,
which uses more than 40 million pounds of pesticides per year.
" - Bella Notte Linens

Our very own Lori Madrid is a certified interior designer and offers free design assistance. With free swatches, layaway services, and free shipping, you're getting the whole sha-bang! All of this can be done on a payment plan for even further ease.

Lori also offers FULL design services within the Lavender Fields service area, which is located in Long Island, New York city and New Jersey.

I loved sharing all things Bella Notte baby with you!
Stick around, we have much more exciting things to share coming your way.
Have a pleasant weekend!

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