Saturday, May 12, 2012

Who is on your team?

I am not going to write about bedding, home decor or furniture. I am writing about your health. Who is on your team? After reading a great book by Suzanne Somers called "Breakthrough" I started to think about my team. She interviews all different types of doctors and discusses throughout the book how we need a team to keep us healthy since there are so many things to consider when we talk about health. This does not only mean doctors to me.

I started to think about my team and realized I am really lucky. I have been forming my team for years. Unfortunately, both  my parents died young and I lost many family members and friends to illness and disease. I started to study holistic nutrition after my mother died and was amazed to learn how much nutrition had an impact on illness. So I started to build my own team without realizing it. Being a vegetarian for years and now a vegan I can tell you first hand how food has made a diffeence in my life. Being a vegan has made me make better choices and eat more whole foods. I now juice and love it. It is the one thing that I have had instant results with as far as energy.

The leader of my team is a wonderful Natural Doctor in Port Jefferson, Dr. Doni Wilson. Dr. Doni is amazing. I started to go to her a few years back and with her guidance started to feel amazing. She is the 1 doctor I go to for all my health questions as well as for my 3 year old daughter Ava. She always has the right answer and gets us back to health in any crisis. She specializes in hormones and food intolerances. Two very important topics my md never discussed with me. Both have been life changing.

Next on my team is my yoga school, Seva Yoga in Port Jefferson. Going to yoga for the last year has taught me to be patient, to breathe and to take some time for myself. I come home feeling refreshed and focused.

Another team member is my gym. I take the time to go to the gym at least 3 days a week and again feel focused when I leave. It is a great stress relief and I know I am taking the time to stay healthy with a great workout.

My local library has joined my team over the years. I go there to seek knowledge regarding my health and love to pick up new books and explore. I thank my library for my good health as I have learned so much from the many books made available to me for free.

Most of all my daughter Ava Rose is on my team. She has given me the drive to be the healthiest ever. I look at her every day and know I want to be around a long long time and I want to be my healthiest for not only me but for Ava.

Don't wait until you are sick to form your team. We all need support to get healthy. Find what works for you and a doctor you can trust and take the steps today. You will not regret it. Your family will not regret it. There are many free resources these days. Go to your local library to find out what resources are in your area. The library is a great starting place.

This weekend is the start of our local Farmer's Market. Ava and I love spending Sunday morning selecting our fruits and veggies for the week. This is how I am spending my Mother's Day. A healthy day with my little girl. We plan on planting some roses in our garden. It reminds us to take the time.

Happy Mother's Day to you. May you find perfect health. I miss my mom very much this day and always but I thank her for my health today.

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