Sunday, April 22, 2012

For the Love of Scottie Dogs

I love Scottie dogs. The love I have for scottie dogs have led me to meet great friends. My scottie Terri was featured in Romantic Homes Magazine when they did a spread of Lavender Fields. Shortly after, I received an email from a woman named Pat telling me how much she enjoyed the article and loved seeing Terri my scottie. We quickly began exchanging emails and Pat sent photos of her 3 scottie dogs. A friendship began. We found out we had so much in common, scottie dogs, gardening and the love of beautiful fabrics.

Pat is the designer and owner of Mr. Tweed's Whimsy and designs gorgeous custom made pillows. She has been featured in Cottages and Bungalows and Romantic Homes Magazines. Her pillows are stunning and can be found on our website or at Lavender Fields online and the store. Customers that have purchased one pillow always come back for more. I have been lucky enough to receive several pillows as gifts from Pat over the years and have my own collection.

Pat took a very long drive from upstate New York to long island to visit me and meet Terri. Over the years we have been through many of life's ups and downs including the loss of our scottie dogs. Pat still has 2 but it was painful to loose one and not shortly after my Terri passed away.

I thank Romantic Homes magazine for sending Pat my way and I am grateful for our friendship. Visit her website and see her gorgeous pillows.

I was also lucky enough to have Ian the scottie at my house today. Ian's mom Maureen is a loyal cusomer and a close friend. Again Maureen and I became close because of our love of scottie dogs. Although Terri is no longer in my life I am grateful for the two wonderful scottie loving friends I have made and one day I will rescue another scottie dog to enjoy life with.

Pat sent Terri one of her hand made pillows for Christmas every year. Here is Terri enjoying her pillow during an afternoon nap.


  1. i loved the photos of terri when they appeared..
    the loss of a pet is heartbreaking..
    my little 'pud' was the heartbeat at my feet..i lost her to the angels 4 yrs ago 16 yrs of age..seems like yesterday...
    beautiful cushions and a beautiful friendship

  2. Lori,

    It's so nice to hear this story from you. I remember turning the page in that Romantic Homes Issue and how excited I was to see Terri's picture on the love seat, she had on pearls. I too appreciate our friendship, love of scotties, fine fabrics and flower gardening.

    I truly enjoyed visiting you and swinging on the porch swing with Terri. I feel fortunate that you carry my pillows at Lavender Fields.

    Your scottie loving friend,

  3. Lori,

    Aaaahhh Scottie dogs....Mother Natures Class Act! A small dog with a BIG personality!

    I am so glad I strolled into your store a few years ago...I always said "I LOVE JUST BEING IN THIS STORE" Lavender Fields is so much more than a is a way of life...enjoying your best life. And through my visits eventually learned all of the things we had in common and of course your darling Ava is always a pleasure!

    So much more than I can mention here....But it is so nice to share Ian with a Scottie Lover!




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