Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rescue Dog Contest Giveaway

Attention Proud parents of a rescue dog ~ we want to hear from YOU!

In honor of these ever-loving pups, we're asking our readers to submit their rescue stories. Upon posting your story, you'll have a chance to win the Sugarboo Dog bed pictured below, valued at $150 AND we'll donate $100.00 to your favorite animal rescue.

Sugarboo Dog bed with Velveteen Rabbit quote
Deadline for submissions is THURSDAY April 5th, 2012 at 12:00 am, EST.
We'll announce the winning story right here on the blog. Be sure to stop back to see if it's you!

Please email us your dog's name and breed as well as the shelter they were adopted from.

Some suggestions you may want to include in your story are:
  • the details of how you became the parent of a dog in need
  • some of your favorite things about your dog
  • what makes your dog so special and unique
  • how your life has been changed since acquiring your furry friend
  • the story of how you rescued your dog
...and anything else you might want to share.

To enter, complete the steps below and leave your story in the comments section. 
Make sure you leave your contact details so we'll know how to reach you.

To enter send us your story, the rescue group details...
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We can't wait to hear YOUR story!

1 comment:

  1. My story begins in Kanab UT at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, a place that I have wanted to visit for 20 yrs. I finally got the opportunity to do just that in July 2011 with my best friend, Sandy. I have always had one but often 2 dogs in my life since I was an adult. In November 2010, I lost my only dog, a yellow lab/Vizla mix, Chloe, very suddenly to anaplasma. Chloe had been my companion for 10 years, with the last 18 months of her life as my "life jacket" of sorts. You see, eighteen months earlier I had lost my husband suddenly while at home. Chloe was my rock to hold onto during this time...and then I lost her too. I was devastated. I didn't believe that I could ever give my heart to another dog. Maybe I could care for one, but never give my heart again. So from Nov 2010 until 7/2011 I was dog-less...and lonely.
    So off to Utah I go with Sandy. I made it perfectly clear to all my friends that I would NOT be adopting a dog from there! [little did I know they all laughed behind my back].
    At BF, one of the benefits of volunteering there is that you can take a dog, cat or pot-bellied pig back to your cabin/hotel for an overnight fact they encourage you to do so. It gives the animals an opportunity to socialize and experience different places. It was wonderful! The first 2 nights we were there we took an older dog, Liza back to our cabin. She was little deaf but what a sweetie. Then at lunch one day some people we had met earlier in the week told us about their experience with "Bonnie", a little chocolate lab. I asked Sandy if we could take Bonnie home for the night and she agreed.
    Bonnie jumps in the car with us, me sitting in the back seat with her, and snuggles up right next to me. We took her to town, had a nice dinner at an outdoor restaurant and walked around town for a little exercise. We get back to our cabin, which had one queen-size bed in it, to settle in for the night. As Sandy and I got ready for bed, so did Bonnie. She jumped up on the bed and made herself perfectly comfortable. She laid between Sandy and I, watching TV and eating ice cream like "just one of the girls". When we picked her up the 2nd night, I took her out for a long walk up into the hills and rocks around our cabin. It was so beautiful there - just God's creations, me and this little dog who wanted nothing more than to belong to someone. I guess I could say that Bonnie and I truly bonded on that walk. I came back to the room, sat on the bed with Bonnie beside me and said to Sandy "I think I want to adopt her!" Sandy just smiled!
    It took about a month to get Bonnie back to me here in Wisconsin, but she flew here just fine. I changed her name to Loretta Lynn [Retta for short] and she responded immediately to that name. I think I could call her anything and she would respond. She just wants to please you and be by you...all the time! [I found out that she was dumped on the BF property by a man in a pickup truck who drove off] Because of her history I think she has some separation anxiety when I am not around. She would never bark and I had family comment about that. I think however that she is beginning to understand that my house is now HER home too because she has begun to bark when someone comes to the door. It is almost as though I could see the light go off in her head saying "oh yeah, this IS my home and I need to protect it".
    Have I given away my heart? Oh yes - fully and completely. When she lays her head in my lap and looks up at me with those loving, warm beautiful brown eyes, I know I have HER heart too.



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