Monday, January 23, 2012

Signs of True Love ~ A Contest

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, we've decided to honor the day in a special way. 
We want to hear your love story.
How did you meet?
Share your proposal.
Did he ask your dad?
High school sweethearts?
Rekindled love?

Your piece should be at least 200 words. We want details!

And, hey! Don't limit yourself to the standard relationship. If you've got a love story with your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, pet, children...even your dream house. 

We've all got a story.
And they're all special and unique.
Honor your story and share it with the world.

Contest ends February 24th, so start writing!
We can't wait to see them all. We will post the winner on our blog when the contest is over.

To enter send us your love story and do one of the following:
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No purchase necessary. Your entry must include your first name and state and must be at least 200 words long. We will select a winner on February 24, 2012.

We're making this VERY worth it.
~Winner gets their choice of either or these gorgeous Sugarboo signs~ valued at $300.00.
Which will YOU choose?



  1. What a great contest ...I am a new follower ..thanks
    Scrappy Val

  2. Wendy w. from Pomona, NY

    This is my love story! Last year I received a Facebook message from the brother of man I had dated twenty years ago. We had broken up "just because" and went our separate ways, indeed to separate parts of this country. I accepted the message and we started talking via IM on Facebook. After some small talk, he told me that his brother, my old boyfriend from twenty years ago, was interested in saying hi and asked if he could call me. I said,"sure" since I was not married ( never was, actually) and although dating someone it was really going nowhere.

    A few minutes later my phone rang and it was my old boyfriend. We talked easily with the promise of staying in touch. Indeed. he called me quite frequently over the next few weeks until the day he revealed that he still loved me, had thought about me every day for the past twenty years and that he wanted another chance to see if we could work. Only problem was that I was in a relationship and he lived over 2000 miles away!

    I just had to see if he was in love with me or a memory of me so I told my family I was going to a conference, flew to New mexico, rented a car, and drove three hours to spend the weekend with him. The minute I saw him again I knew..knew this was real.

    That weekend ended with plans for him to come to where I was living ( New York) as well as the necessity of my breaking up with the man I had been dating. A few weeks later he came for a visit and never left. Right after the New Year, we were talking about his upcoming birthday in February and what he wanted for a gift. His reply was,"you". He asked to marry me. I said yes, and we planned and executed a secret wedding in Las Vegas, only informing our family ten minutes before!

    How's that for a love story?

  3. forgot to tell you..I follow you on GFC as wendy wallach!

    madamerkf at aol dot com

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  5. I have a great love story with my husband. We met on Valentine's Day and 14 years later, we still eat at chickfila every Valentines Day, like we did the night we met. But, that is not the story I am going to tell. I am going to share the story of our house. We had been married for around 4 years when I came home from school one day and my husband told me he saw a house that he wanted me to go look at. Now, we were not in the market to buy a house, so I was surprised and unsure. My husband is the Director of an Inner City Ministry and we were not making much money at the time. We drove over to the house (along with his sister and brother-in-law). The house was vacant, so we walked around the property and looked in the windows. I fell in love right away. It was on double lot, was fenced in and had a detached garage. I started to get excited about it. It was a foreclosed home and was listed at a price that might be doable. We were all standing in the backyard, dreaming of the possibilities, when my brother-in-law stopped short and said, "This house was meant for you!". He looked shocked. As he finished saying it, he moved the leaves from under his feet. Our jaws fell open, there written in the side walk were our names "Tim and Kristy"!!! Needless to say, we purchased the house and have been there ever since. The previous owners had written their names in the sidewalk, just for us!
    yanuzo at hotmail dot com
    I follow on twitter (yanuzo)

  6. i was going to follow on twitter, but can't find in on your blog. I follow on facebook instead.
    yanuzo at hotmail dot com

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  8. Here is my love story.... We had met out in westhampton & were dating for 2 years at the time....I had a bridal shower for my then boyfriends cousin. In the middle of the shower, my boyfriend calls & says come home, I just got tickets to the superbowl, come pack your bags we are going.. This was Saturday, Sunday was superbowl. Now, a huge red flag went up bc if my boyfriend got tickets to a superbowl he would NOT be taking me, we both know that! ha. Anyway, in a way I was so confused bc I guess he really was taking me, this was his closest cousin's shower, he would never have me leave it if it wasn't for something big. So I leave & go home & pack & he tells me to bring a bathing suit bc we can use the pool in hotel, now I am really like whhhhat, really??? so I close my eyes on the drive to the airport to wake up to be out in East Hampton at a beautiful bed & breakfast! Now ultimately I knew what was going on once we got there but just how was he going to propose.

    Once settled in, there as a card in the room that said spa for 2 6pm. So down we went to the basement & this beautiful quiet quaint relaxing spa was there with a pool & 2 massage tables set up, he had rented the whole downstairs spa for just us... after our massages we sat by the pool, there was champagne & strawberries & right then & there he asked me to marry him, believe it or not I was really surprised, it was the last place I thought he would propose, in my head I was thinking dinner or our somewhere the next day so it was nice that he caught me off guard... it was so perfect.. so romantic. I will never forget the whole weekend.

    We then called all our family & friends who already knew... He had asked my dad for my hand in marriage so they were awaiting the call. It was to me the best proposal & we are now married 3 going on 4 years & have a little girl who is 2 1/2 & a little boy who is 9 months!!!

    I follow you on facebook! And I LOVE sugarboo signs... we have a few in our house :)

  9. My love story is pretty unconventional, but I think that also makes it pretty darn special. My fiance and I met quite a while ago. I was only thirteen and he was a year and a half older. We didn't meet in school like most young couples: we met in a chat room.

    He and I started chatting and became fast friends. Both of us had other online friends, so the concept wasn't all that new for either of us. Still, over the course of a few short months, he became one of my best friends. I can still remember him saying to me, "I trust you. If you're lying about yourself, you're the best actress in the world." Back then, phones weren't equipped with cameras, laptops didn't have webcams, and we just had to take each others word for who we were. It was risky and we probably did go about some things stupidly, but I'm glad we did.

    It wasn't long before we developed mutual crushes on each other, but neither of us said a word at first. He broke first and confessed how he felt to me. We've never been the same since. I was fourteen.

    It took us until I was seventeen to meet in person (at the time, he lived 3000 miles away). By the time I was 19, though, he moved much closer and we were seeing each other every few months. Eleven days before my 20th birthday, he proposed to me.

    I'm now 23 and couldnt be happier. My fiance lives less than an hour from me now, and we see each other every weekend and multiple times during the week. For the first time, distance isn't a factor in our relationship (thank God!) and we intend to start planning our wedding pretty soon. I think our story is a little different than most, but I'm so glad to have the best friend and best fiance in the world.


  10. I am a GFC follower of your gorgeous blog! :)


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  12. And I'm now a follower!

  13. I was 13 when I first met her. We went to the same high school, were in the same group of friends, and ended up going to the same college; her one year later than myself. The summer prior to her first quarter at college, her previous relationship crumbled and she was heartbroken, so I stepped up to the plate as best friend and did my best to comfort and keep her mind off of her devastation. Little did I know that by doing so it would change my whole life. Over that summer I fell completely head over heels for her, just completely denying it due to the fact that a) she was a girl, I was a girl and I hadn't stepped into that territory yet, and b) I was currently in a 3 year relationship. At college we were inseparable and as numerous problems kept tearing at me from my current relationship, being around her drove me insane though I was incomplete denial of it and jealous of every person she pursued and who pursued this insanely intelligent, beautiful, sexy, hilarious best friend of mine.

    Fast forward. New Year's Eve. We're ringing in the new year with some champagne and mixed drinks when my reservations go out the window and I hug her so tight so she knows how much I care about her and need her and love her. And then we're kissing and I'm on fire. I have never felt like this in my entire life. All of my senses are peaking and this is a high I can't and will never be able to get enough of.

    I tell my boyfriend and we break up, but this is not simple. This is not easy. This is messy and heart wrenching and horrible and after a couple weeks and various inappropriate actions I decide that he can't handle this and we need to not see each other for awhile. He stalks us for two months plus. He memorizes our schedules and shows up outside our classes before and after. He breaks into our dormitory buildings on multiple occasions and just loiters outside of them waiting. We don't eat. We don't sleep. But we have each other. And it's exciting and fresh and comforting and wonderful and the purest thing that I have ever known or will ever know.

    My ex and I never speak again.

    I come out to my family after a couple months (I was raised strict southern baptist and the rest of my family is still practicing). This does not go smoothly either, though I'm used to being the black sheep. But this is different. My mother is crying and screaming to my father "How could we have done this Gerry?". Done what? I'm in love and the happiest and most comfortable I've been with myself... ever. My mother doesn't speak to me for several weeks and this hurts more than I had imagined. But I know what's right. I can feel it in my heart and no outdated religious doctrine can even attempt to tell me otherwise.

    Things are much better now. While my relationship of almost 3 years is still not fully accepted by my family and definitely not at all by society (we've been shot at with a bb gun in Kentucky, groped and harassed by male college students, among various other altercations) her family is being phenomenal. We're planning on moving to New York soon to finish school and start our lives together. I think this will be the most exciting adventure yet.



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