Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Feel Empowered as a Working Mom

Don't let anyone tell you that you have to be a certain way. Be unique. Be what you feel. -Melissa Etheridge

A majority of working mothers are empowered as role models for their children, have professional ambitions and feel like they are receiving support from their spouses and families despite a lack of childcare benefits offered by their workplaces.

Getting a degree and entering the workforce can have additional benefits as well. A new study conducted by reveals that working moms are happy working outside of the home, despite the fact that balancing their professional life with their family responsibilities can be difficult.

"Most love being a great role model for their children and many feel more creative and motivated as a working-parent and even feel they add a better perspective at their jobs now that they are moms," said Katie Bugbee, managing editor of

Let go of the Guilt
Remind yourself that if you choose to combine motherhood with a career then you have to make sacrifices. You can’t be super woman. There will be sacrifices and compromises. Fact. You need to mitigate the things that are most important to you.

Review why you need to work. What are your motivations? What does having a career mean to you? For me there is a financial incentive to working and a sense of purpose.

Ask your kids. Yes. Ask your kids. What would being a great mom mean to them? It’s amazing what they will say. It’s wonderful to ask for their feedback and even though it feels somewhat scary, you don’t have to do everything they have asked for! They will feel so happy that you even care to ask. Go on – be brave and ask.

Great Role Model
Having a career will show your children something they can aspire towards in their future. While your kids may not choose a path similar to yours, they will have grown up seeing that they have many options available to them. The choices you make about living life will guide them as they make choices about their own adult lives.

Independent Kids
Although no Mom enjoys leaving their children every day, you will always come back and, they thrive in your absence. By not hovering over them constantly, your children will learn to become independent and confident. And, in turn, that will make you feel really proud of them and yourself. 

You get to Wear Nice Clothes
At home it is easy to stay in sweats all day, every day. If you do throw on a cute outfit - with little kids you probably get covered in food amongst other things. While sometimes getting dressed for business is annoying, it’s nice to make it through the day in a nice, clean outfit.

Everyone Pitches In
Your kids will learn that everyone has a responsibility to contribute and help their family. Everyone has responsibilities: making the bed, taking out the garbage, or walking the dog. You are teaching them to be independent, responsible, and socially capable.

Work Gives Me an Identity Beyond “Mommy”Being a mother is the most important job. But, most women want to have a deeper sense of self.  Being a mother does not have to be how you define yourself, or your sole purpose for being. Working allows you to identify yourself separate and independent from your family.

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