Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer Fold-Down Wall Bar

Small backyard? Not to worry. Use wall space to create an outside that invites you in!

Build a fold-down bar, which is there when you need it and tucked away when you’re not using it.

Summer Fold-Down Wall Bar!
More of a patio or terrace person? Hang your fold-down bar with a couple of nails on your terrace and create a new experience in a small space.

Great for entertaining friends for brunch or a cocktail. This will surely be a conversation starter!

LAVENDER DAILY TIP: Paint the wood a different color to match your outside decor!

How to make this fold-down this video:,,20676324,00.html

Cut List:
1x4 cedar back slats: six @ 36 inches
1x4 cedar door slats: four @ 29 inches (cut to fit)
1x8 cedar box vertical pieces: three @ 22   inches
1x8 cedar shelf: one @ 16 7/8 inches
1x8 cedar box bottom: one @ 36 inches
1x8 cedar gable ends: two @ 36 inches
1x10 cedar roof pieces: two @ 22 inches
1x10 cedar box top: one @ 36 inches
5/4 x 4 cedar door-frame rails: two @ 36 inches
5/4 x 4 cedar door-frame stiles: two @ 15 1/4 inches
3/4-by-3/4-inch cedar shelf cleats: two @ 7 1/4 inches (ripped from 1x8 scraps)

1. Assemble the box 2. Screw it together 3. Lay out the gable ends 4. Cut the gable ends 5. Cut the roof pieces 6. Attach the gable ends 7. Install the roof 8. Lay out the back 9. Make the French cleat 10. Rout the rabbets 11. Drill the dowel holes 12. Assemble the frame 13. Rout the inset slats 14. Attach the slats to the frame 15. Install the hardware 16. Mount the French cleat 17. Slide the bar in place

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